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Climate Positive Parka

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Designed To Protect You. And Winter.

The warmest parka with the lightest footprint. Gear up and get outside.

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"Performance meets sustainability in the
Askov Finlayson Winter Parka."
"Checks boxes on form, function,
sustainability, and warmth."
"Stay warm, feel good.
"If you care about the carbon footprint of your garments, then this is a brand to watch."
"Best Climate Advocate Parka."

Keep The North Cold

We can’t imagine the North without cold winters. And so we created a climate positive company to help protect the very thing our products are designed to celebrate.  Together, we can Keep The North Cold™ for generations to come.

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Askov Finlayson x Makwa Studio

Our products are rooted in a deep love for this place we call home — its people, places, cultures, and history. And nothing has come to represent that more than our iconic North Hat. This year, we partnered with Ojibwe artist and textile designer Maggie Thompson to explore the meaning of North and we're proud to share this collaboration with you.

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