Save Sledding! Northern Toboggan


    From Northern Toboggan:

    Carefully building these toboggans for downhill sledding, our craftsman laminates every wooden toboggan crosspiece in order to withstand decades of repeated twisting. The gradual initial curl allows our downhill sled to ride higher, rather than plow into snow drifts and in powdery conditions. We have learned from generations of craftsmen and have continued to perfect a natural bending process that allows us to use thicker boards. Constructing toboggans of red oak also provides a beautiful and durable grain perfect for winter snow sleds. 

    The Classic Wood Toboggan was created to provide a smaller toboggan that we could also build faster, while still embracing our traditional craftsmanship principles. It allows us to offer a toboggan sled that is easier to transport and meets a lower pricing threshold, all while maintaining the superior integrity that is gospel here at Northern Toboggan Co.

    Classic Dimensions:                                                                                                                                      

    • Overall Length (includes curl) = 70 inches  
    • Length of Flat = 49 inches                                                                                                                                  
    • Width (includes 5 - 3  1/8" x 5/16" red oak boards) = 15 inches                                                            
    • Total Weight = approximately 18 lbs.

    Luxury Dimensions:

    • Overall Length (includes curl) = 93 inches
    • Length of Flat = 73 inches
    • Width (includes 4 - 4" x 3/8" red oak boards) = 16 inches 
    • Total Weight = approximately 26 lbs.