Portland General Store Victory Moisturizer with SPF 15


    Portland General Store is an apothecary in Portland, Maine, offering natural, vintage-inspired grooming essentials.

    The Portland General Store's Victory Moisturizer with SPF 15 was developed solely to care for a man's face. The feather-light lotion contains a very gentle form of titanium dioxide-based sun protection, is lightly scented with tea tree oil and refreshing menthol, and is formulated with anti-aging properities of both DMAE and MSM.  The organic compound DMAE helps to tone and firm the skin, and is featured  in The Wrinkle Cure, the top-selling book by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. While, MSM is a naturally occuring nutrient found in plants, fruits and vegetables that's credited with helping to eliminate wrinkles, brown spots, skin tumors and spider veins. 

    • 60 ml amber PET bottle with pump dispenser
    • 70% organic
    • Vegan

    Tip for use: Due to the high quality, natural ingredients and SPF in this product, you need only use a very small (pea-size) amount. If you notice a temporary light white film over the skin, massage well into the skin until it is absorbed.