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Welcome to the North.
In 2013, we introduced the first run of our North Stocking Hats. And with them, an idea: a region of America unified by geography, cold winters, hard work, and creativity. The response since then has been incredible, and we're proud to see the North becoming a movement. It’s also core to who we are as a company. We live here. We’re from here. And we love it here. 1askov-lookbook-381.jpg

Climate Change: A Global Issue
We enjoy spending time outdoors all year long and our products are designed for those who do, too. One of our favorite things about life in the North is having four distinct seasons, including our winters, which we like just the way they are. But global climate change poses a real threat.

The issue of climate change hits especially close to home in the North. Our hometown, Minneapolis, is ranked as the number two city in the United States in terms of the impact of climate change. Additionally, if Minnesota and the surrounding states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin) were considered their own nation, that country would be the world’s fifth largest producer of the emissions that lead to climate change. We’ve been part of the problem, and now we want to make sure the North is a leading part of the solution.

Keep The North Cold
kendra-hatphoto.jpgIntroducing Keep The North Cold, a campaign to combat climate change through the power of education. For each North product sold, Askov Finlayson will make a donation to Climate Generation, which will support the education of one high school student to become a leader on climate change. Kendra Roedl, pictured, is a senior at Minneapolis South High School and co-chair of YEA!MN, Climate Generation’s local network of high school environmental clubs.

Climate Generation was founded by Will Steger, a legendary polar explorer who started the nonprofit organization after witnessing the consequences of climate change firsthand during his 50-year career of Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Askov Finlayson’s co-founder, Eric Dayton, is a close friend of Will’s and was part of the Steger-led Arctic Transect 2004, a six-month, 2,000-mile dogsled expedition with the mission to increase awareness about the impact of climate change on the Arctic region. Their journey was followed online by over 2 million K-12 students worldwide. Keep The North Cold and our partnership with Climate Generation is a continuation of the belief that education is key to solving this global challenge.

North Products  
Our selection of North products is always expanding, and every one of these items benefits Climate Generation’s important work. Thank you for your support of this effort. Together, we can keep winters in the North cold for generations to come.



Claiming Our Identity As America's North
Eric Dayton, Co-Founder of Askov Finlayson | TEDxMinneapolis



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