What’s the North without cold winters?

We enjoy spending time outdoors all year long, and we design products for those who do, too. One of our favorite things about life in the North is having four distinct seasons, including our winters, which we like just the way they are.

Celebrating the North means protecting it, too, and­ climate change threatens to make our cold winters disappear. Our region is warming faster than anywhere else in the country, and climate impacts the health, safety, and economic security of people across the North and around the world.

We use our business to confront climate change by making a donation for every North product sold to organizations on the leading edge of climate action. Your purchase is a direct investment in their important work and a healthier, more prosperous future for everyone.



Bearing witness

In 2004, Askov Finlayson co-founder Eric Dayton spent six months traversing the Arctic by dogsled, part of a 2,000-mile expedition led by legendary polar explorer and climate change activist Will Steger. Their mission was to educate young people around the world about climate change and more than 2 million K-12 students followed their journey online.

The experience has inspired Eric’s work ever since, and we’re proud to support Will Steger’s Climate Generation as one of our key nonprofit partners through Keep the North Cold.


Global issue, local impact

Climate change is a global issue, but it hits us especially hard here in the North. Our hometown of Minneapolis ranked second among all U.S. cities in terms of the projected impact of climate change, and we’re already feeling the difference. Our winters are warming faster than anywhere else in the country and this puts our favorite traditions at serious risk, not to mention our thriving outdoor industry. Climate change also makes weather events like floods and tornadoes more powerful and potentially more dangerous.

Cold winters are important to our Northern identity, but they’re also a signal of health for our entire planet. So while our mission is to Keep The North Cold, that means protecting the things you care about, too, no matter where you live.


How it works

When you buy one of our North products, Askov Finlayson makes a donation to support organizations on the leading edge of creating solutions to climate change. Thanks to you, our impact has totaled more than $40,000 to date – helping to train more than 1,500 young climate leaders. You can read more about our partnership with Climate Generation here.


Our mission

Climate change is the greatest challenge we collectively face and we can’t think of a more important mission for our company. While the fight can feel daunting, we all have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to take meaningful action toward climate change solutions.

As we grow our company, we’re working to deepen our impact. We’re proud of what we’re doing now, but we feel an urgent responsibility to do more. So stay tuned for updates – we’re just getting started.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can Keep The North Cold for generations to come.




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