Askov Finlayson

Explorer Pant

Waistband Curved for a better fit. Unlike your typical straight waistband, the fabric of a curved waistband is cut with a shallow arc. The curvature of this cut follows the contour of the waist and rests more naturally when worn. This means a better fit, with or without a belt.
Fly buttons Copper two-prong tack buttons with a brass finish. Tack buttons are generally utilized for their strength. But not all tack buttons are created equal; the more commonly used single-prong tack buttons can pop right off. On the other hand, it is next to impossible for a two-prong tack button to come loose. The two prongs are folded over each other after piercing the fabric, effectively locking the button into place. We selected these buttons for their permanence, and applied an electroplated brass coating for a durable finish. That and we just like brass.
Pocketing 100% cotton fabric. We spent a great deal of time thinking about these pockets. A lot of pocketing fabric is heavily blended with polyester. Along with being cheaper, polyester feels unnatural. We prefer the texture of cotton, so we sourced high-quality 100% cotton fabric and had it custom-dyed a soft blue that reminded us of our favorite Oxford shirts. And we specified the ideal pocket depth: not too deep, but not too shallow.
Fabric Custom-dyed unwashed 10.4oz cotton canvas from Japan’s famed Kurabo Mills. Founded in 1888, Kurabo Mills stands as one of the oldest manufacturers of Japanese textiles. Along with its reputation for quality, Kurabo Mills is credited with producing Japan's first denim fabric, called KD-8, or Kurabo Denim 8. At 10.4 ounces, our unwashed cotton canvas is both durable and refined. The fabric was woven on an air-jet dobby loom in the city of Anjō, and custom-dyed for Askov Finlayson in Tokushima. It’s comfortable from the start, and only gets better with wear.
Knee and seat reinforcement Reinforced knees and seat for added durability. The inspiration for the reinforcement of our pants came from technical outdoor apparel that we’ve used on extended wilderness expeditions. In those conditions, clothing needs to perform and last. And if something doesn’t serve a purpose, you don’t bring it along. We wanted to give our pants that same sense of purpose, so that they could be worn hard and counted upon for daily use.
Fit A tailored cut with room to move. Without the right fit, the other details don’t matter. So we worked closely with a skilled patternmaker to design and create a great-fitting pair of pants. Growing up playing hockey in Minnesota means strong legs, so skinny pants aren’t really an option. We took this into consideration when designing the Explorer Pant. While maintaining a tailored cut through the leg, the pant’s thigh and seat allow for room to move. The result is a cut that’s clean enough to wear with a blazer, but comfortable enough for doing things.
Construction Designed in Minnesota; handmade in the USA. Designed in Minneapolis by Askov Finlayson, the Explorer Pant was inspired by Minnesota’s proud history of exploration and forward-looking culture of creativity. Our pants are made by hand in the USA at a factory known for its experience and expertise with premium denim. The finished product is a pant of exceptional quality that’s designed and constructed to be worn at all times.
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